The Hempire Collective Gives Back!

Community involvement is one of our priorities at The Hempire Collective. We pride ourselves on the service and experience we provide to every person that walks through our doors.

We are here as your premier cannabis dispensary, but have made it our mission to be a valuable asset to our community, and have always prided ourselves on giving back to those in need – regardless of who they may be. Our vision here at The Hempire Collective began with acknowledging the medical benefits cannabis can offer to patients suffering from a wide variety of ailments, from cancer to PTSD and anxiety, when our beloved brother and son, Tai, was diagnosed with a rare form of stage 4 kidney cancer.

How We Help

Ever since then, our dispensary has made it our mission to support others on the same journey. In 2021, The Hempire Collective was proud to donate to Chelsea Goodwin’s cause. A Michigan mom, Chelsea was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer and found herself struggling to manage the costly expense of medical bills. Luckily, with the help of our amazing community, we were able to provide Chelsea with the love and support she needed during such a difficult time.

Community Involvement and Beyond

Creating an environment of accessibility for those struggling with mental health is also one of The Hempire Collective’s missions, and has been something our Michigan dispensary has become known for amongst mental health advocates like Leslie Pinder. Leslie is a veteran and a psychology major who understands the positive impact cannabis can have on one’s mental health, and has been quoted in the Lansing City Pulse as recommending our Jesus OG strain for helping with anxiety while still providing mental clarity.

We also believe that giving back to the community is much more than donations and raising awareness. We believe that it also involves creating an environment of opportunity and accessibility, which is why we are always eager to hire people from all walks of life, such as Brianna Price who made a career change during the pandemic when she decided to work with our dispensary, and has since been promoted three times!   

The above is only a handful of the initiatives our dispensary has taken to be active and involved members of our community, and to help break the stigma around cannabis. Our Dispensary understands the importance of businesses like ours to towns like Clare and surrounding areas, and promise to continue giving back as much as we can! 

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