Cannabis strains

Jesus OG

A hybrid that relieves pain, depression and stress.

Bruce Banner

A sativa-dominant hybrid that relieves anxiety and stress, provides focus for those with ADD/ADHD, and works as a painkiller for arthritis

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Gorilla Grease

An Indica-dominant hybrid that alleviates stress, anxiety and depression as well as treats insomnia and pain.

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Gorilla Cookie

A balanced hybrid with strong levels of THC/CBD that relieves anxiety, stress and depression and also treats aches, pains, and nausea.

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Platinum Banana OG

A sativa-dominant hybrid that treats muscle spasms, migraines and headaches as well as insomnia.

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Strawberry Banana

A hybrid that reduces anxiety and depression as well as helps to provide focus for those who have ADD.

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Cookies & Cream

A hybrid that eases physical aches and pains and treats insomnia.