Tai Porter Story

Here at The Hempire Collective, we are committed to Tai’s Dream of helping not only veterans, but the community as a whole by providing sustainable jobs along with products that can help manage pain and provide improved mental health and quality of life. Tai’s Dream remains our motivation to compassionately provide the highest-quality cannabis products possible.

The Reason for The Hempire Collective

Inspired by a family member’s suffering and supported by family investments, The Hempire Collective is truly a family owned and operated business.

We started this venture because we witnessed firsthand the medicinal qualities that cannabis has to offer cancer patients and veterans suffering from anxiety and PTSD. In 2014, our beloved brother and son, Tai, left the U.S. Army after 10 years of service, and was diagnosed later that year with a rare form of stage 4 kidney cancer. After seeing how cannabis helped to alleviate Tai’s pain due to his cancer symptoms, manage his anxiety and PTSD following his military service, and significantly improve his overall quality of life during his final days, we discussed, as a family, becoming patient caregivers. We fully appreciate and understand how cannabis can help cancer patients and those suffering from anxiety and PTSD, as well as relieve symptoms for many other chronic illnesses.

1 Year Anniversary Celebration

The Hempire Collective is throwing a party on September 11th for our 1 year anniversary! We will also be accepting voluntary donations to help a young local single mother fighting stage 4 cancer.

The Hempire Collective will be matching these donations.